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Leaders responsible for crimes under their watch

Leaders responsible for crimes under their watch Silver Gold Hanging Charms

The arrests of muslim youth being reported from different areas are or should be a serious source of worry.Young men are being grasped false charges, detained getting trial, often tortured and vulnerable, with virtually no legal http://www.cafune.ca/pandora-bracelets.html help.

Many continue in prison, the fortunate few are acquitted after ages behind bars.In addition, as some recent incidents demonstrate, innocent men are found innocent after 10, 15 or more years utilized to in ruins behind them.There is no compensation or treatment, as the state refuses to accept requirement for the destruction of not just their past and present, additionally, their future.

Government entities has been tightlipped on the arrest of journalist syed kazmi, who has been around police custody for over a month under the draconian unlawful activities(Reduction)Act for allegedly being active in the bomb attack on a junior israeli diplomat.His family is caught for justice but has met with little success.But despite a month of intense interrogation they have come with just the fact that a few lakhs were paid to his wife account.As it turns out this was not a lump sum payment as the police leaks deliberately suggested, but paid to mrs kazmi over a long period by her children from a previous marriage.There have been some talk of telephone conversations but till date not even a word that clearly establishes links between the well known journalist and a supposed bunch of iranian operatives, all working against israel in your neighborhood.

Accompanied by such developments comes the special investigation team clean chit to gujarat chief minister narendra modi, absolving him of a role in the massacre of our lawmakers leader ahsan jafri and 80 others at the gulberg society.It really makes one wonder at the laws and justice as it is recognized today, where poor innocent men are detained Pandora Charms Sale and locked up for many years, and where people with regard to a virtual pogrom are allowed, indeed enthusiastic, to cock a snook at the law and all that it represents.It is probably said for the widow, mrs jafri, that she has not balked under this totally partisan rating of the sit, and is planning to challenge doing this along with the other activists supporting her in the courts.Nonetheless, the trauma is being re lived by her and the categories of those killed at gulberg society, as modi and his supporters ensure that the wounds are banned to heal, and justice continues as elusive.

Politics leaders cannot be absolved of crimes committed under their watch.In particular when the crime takes the form of full scale massacre, where a section of society is hounded, raped and harmed.If hawaii is not involved, it must act right away to apprehend the guilty, charge and try them whatever pressures, and restore the victims with full compensation.Political culpability is visible when the authorities in power refuse to do this, and absolve themselves of all job.This happened in 1984 when sikhs were killed all over delhi below the congress and rajiv gandhi watch.This happened in gujarat when muslims were murdered inside the given bjp and narendra modi watch.This has happened again and again in maharashtra, assam, uttar pradesh, together with bihar, where governments have not to act against the perpetrators of violence.The batla house incident in delhi had a resonance in the remote zones of up, as did the arrests of innocent teenage boys in hyderabad, and more so in maharashtra that has a direct link with up regarding large scale migration.In gujarat modi is able to hold his own because of a weak opposition which has been unable to hold even a tiny candle to counter his aggressive posturing, with the result that the gujaratis stay with him without a visible alternative.

Instead of carrying on a strong campaign from the communal chief minister, the congress even after the sit report will quickly look the other way lest it offend other communities with an overzealous defense of the minorities.Mrs jafri and the activists can do only such a lot, the real battle has to be fought by the politics parties who are absent from the streets.

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